Latest Wesley antics

Yesterday was a hot day and we had Wesley in his baby pool after I got home from work.  He played in there for quite a while, then ran around the back yard in his swim trunks without a shirt.  This isn’t unusual after he gets out of the pool.  We grilled up some hamburgers and corn on the cob (who knew that Walmart had good corn on the cob?).  Wesley was in his highchair outside eating dinner.  These are pics of how good dinner was for him.

On his face: baked beans; on his chest: Mac & Cheese

Crusty Mac & Cheese on chest


I was commenting to Gwen how sexy Wesley looked.  I asked him if he was sexy and this was the result.

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One thought on “Latest Wesley antics

  1. Too bad you can’t hear the “uh huh” that went along with the head shake! That makes it even cuter.

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