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VanRyn’s body positively identified

Laura VanRynLaura VanRyn’s body was exhumed from the northern Michigan cemetery where she was laid to rest more than five weeks ago after being mistakenly identified as a college classmate. Reburial will be in Graceland Memorial Park in Kent County’s Grand Rapids Township.

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Family laid to rest

Wednesday, the family who was slain to death in Indianapolis on June 1, was laid to rest at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis. The funeral mass was standing room only, with over 630 people attending. Two men have been arrested, and Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi announced Tuesday that he would seek the death penalty against one of them.

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Plagiarism in the Pulpit

I read an interesting post by Old School Confessional today.  It was about plagiarism in the pulpit, pastors preaching sermons not written by themselves.  It would be very interesting to see how many pastors use entire sermons written by others or who use a theme and develop their own sermon.

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Suspect surrenders, ending 2-day manhunt

The man suspected of slaying 7 people in Indianapolis on Thursday surrendered to IPD Saturday evening without resistance. Police have filed preliminary charges of seven counts of murder and seven counts of felony murder against Turner.

One thing that I have an issue with is a police storming into a ladies house.

Police took Latoya Broadus, 26, her two brothers and 5-year-old nephew out of the home about 7 a.m. They were detained in squad cars while SWAT officers entered her home on a tip that Turner was inside.

Broadus said she has never met Turner. The house stinks of tear gas, windows are broken and she said walls and furniture were also damaged. The city is not offering her family any help cleaning up.

If IPD stormed this house on faulty information and/or found no trace of Turner, then why is the city of Indianapolis not willing to offer any help in cleaning up the damage?

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Taylor officials thoughts IDs would be rechecked

The mis-identification of the two girls involved in the Taylor University crash was not due to Taylor University officials. In a press statement Friday from University, President Eugene B. Habecker said that university officials believed that IDs would be rechecked.

“We are not experts in forensics, law enforcement or emergency response techniques. It was not the understanding of the university officials when they were invited to participate that they were performing an official identification.”

It was also revealed on May 18 by VanRyn’s roommate that she didn’t think the woman she had visited at the Fort Wayne hospital was VanRyn. University officials asked for coroner’s files but did not reveal as to why they wanted. If you want more information about this story, one only need turn on the tv or read a newspaper.

Additional links:
Taylor officials thought IDs would be rechecked (6/3/06)
Taylor University press conference (6/2/06)

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7 slain in Indy home

Another story making national headlines is a slaying of seven people on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis.

Police were called to the 500 block of North Hamilton Avenue about 10:15 p.m. after neighbors reported hearing screaming and several shots.

Police said the victims were shot to death execution-style, which typically means the victim is bound and shot in the head. However, it was unclear what Indianapolis Police Department investigators found at the scene.

The shooting occured in one of the rougher parts of Indianapolis. The last time a crime of this proportion occured in Indy was in 2000 when a woman in Morgan County deliberately hit another vehicle head-on, killing seven people. The driver was convicted of seven counts of murder and sentenced to 215 years in prison.

Victims include Alberto Covarrubias, 11; David Covarrubias, 9; Luis Albarran, 5; Flora Albarran, 22; Emma Valdez, 46; Alberto Covarrubias, 56; and Magno Albarran, 29. Indianapolis Police Department has identified a suspect, Desmond Turner, 28, who was on parole. IPD is seeking any information about Turner or his whereabouts.

Additional link:
Police ID suspect in family massacre

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Taylor student mix-up

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about this or seen it on the news.  On April 26, a van of students and staff from Taylor University was on its way from Huntington to Fort Wayne.  During the trip, the van was involved in a collision with a semitrailer on Interstate 69 near Highway 18.  Four students and one staff member were killed in the accident.  One of the students who was killed was Laura J. VanRyn.  A survivor was Whitney E. Cerak.  Due to mis-identification at the accident, the two girls were mis-identified.  Laura was Whitney and Whitney was Laura. 

Since then, this has made news coverage across the country.  Below are links regarding the information about the accident, as well as a blog from the family with health updates on Whitney Cerak.

Additional links:
Students, Staff Involved in Fatal Crash (original press statement from Taylor University 04/26/06)
In Loving Memory (memorial site)
New Details Learned About Van Accident (5/31/06)
Laura VanRyn (family blog)
Survivor’s ID was questioned weeks ago (6/2/06)
Laura VanRyn’s body to be exhumed (6/2/06)

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Church for gays launches ad blitz

A church in Indianapolis, Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, is embarking on a new, $55,000 campaign: Would Jesus discriminate?  What would Jesus discriminate against: homosexuality.  The church, one who ministers specifially to gays and lesbians.  Below are a couple of quotes from their website.

We’re a Church that’s passionate about Jesus and the Bible, but not afraid of diversity or independent thought.

You will find a warm welcome whoever you are —
straight or gay, white or black, Asian or Hispanic, conservative or
liberal, old or young, rich or poor, deaf or hearing, married or
single, transgender or any gender identity.
Like the early Church, we are a rainbow congregation!

They have a four-point Call to Action plan with regards to their campaign:

  1. We must renew our commitment to honesty.
  2. We must educate ourselves by daring, like Jesus before us, to become genuine friends of gay and transgender people.
  3. We must carefully reexamine what the Bible teaches about same-sex relationships. 
  4. We must stop using the law to hurt gay and transgender people.

I would like to see what information they have regarding #3.  Scripture clearly forbids homosexual relationships. 

If you would like to read the entire news story about it, click here.


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Easter 7B: May 28, 2006 – “Love Excelling”

Text: 1 John 4:13-21

mercy, and peace to you from God, our Father, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ. Amen. The text for the sermon this morning comes
from the Epistle which was read earlier.

of the things that have Christians discussing is the Gospel of Judas, a Gnostic
text. Gnosticism’s basic tenet was that
the spiritual is good while the physical is bad. Some Gnostics concluded that
as long as you sang the “Hallelujahs” and “Amens” on your spiritual side on
Sunday morning, it didn’t matter what you did with your body on Saturday night
or in your life during the rest of the week. One of John’s emphases in this letter is to stress that God has redeemed
us body and soul. If God’s love has
sanctified our hearts, that love will radiate into our lives as well. If He has graciously led us to faith and a
change of heart, our outward lives will also be changed, and good works will
naturally follow and showcase that love. This shoots a hole through the Gnostics way of thought and brings us to
the key concept of our text: love.

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Indiana’s United Methodists consider a merger

I know that this doesn’t deal with the LCMS, but it is religous related. In a story from the Indianapolis Star, the United Methodist Church in Indiana might be close to merging the North Indiana and South Indiana Conferences.

At stake is the future of one of the most important movements in Indiana, one whose influence extends beyond its approximately 220,000 members, 1,600 clergy and 1,200 congregations. Its institutions include Methodist hospitals in Indianapolis and Lake County, three universities — DePauw, Evansville and Indianapolis — and various social services… “We’re very different. We’re very different,” State Sen. Patricia Miller of Indianapolis repeated for emphasis, but she added, “I think merger is a real possibility.”

Here’s the thing: if you are a member of the United Methodist Church, as both Conferences are, then how different are you from each other? The UMC is not as polarized as the LCMS is (to the best of my knowledge) so what is the reason why they have not merged before now or talked about merging? Hmm…

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