Preschoolers and the Sacraments

Here at Trinity, we have a Preschool. We have a 3-yr old class and a 4/5-yr old class. We do Chapel with them once a week. I have been blessed to cover many Bible stories with them. Two of the stories that I’ve had a chance to share with them is the account of Jesus being baptized and the Last Supper. Both times have allowed me to talk to them about the Sacraments, Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, respectively.

When we talked about Jesus being baptized, I brought each class up to the baptismal font and showed them what we do for a baptism, talked about what is given to each of us in our baptism. Some said that they were baptized right here, while most said that they were baptized.

Today, we talked about the Last Supper. Following the lesson, I once again brought each class up to the altar and showed them the communion vessels, showed them a host and the chalice and explained to them that this is what we receive when we commune, bread and wine, which is Christ’s body and blood, “given for you, for the forgiveness of sins.”

Some may say that these children are too young to learn about the Sacraments. It’s true, they may be. I’m sure they couldn’t tell you now what I talked to them about just 2 hours ago. That’s not the point. The point is exposing them to the marks of the Church.

Our kids are learning quite a bit regarding the Christian faith. They hear Bible stories each week. They hear about sin and they hear about the forgiveness of sins. The 4/5-yr olds can sing Martin Luther’s Morning Prayer. The 3-yr olds can repeat it after you.

One mother of a preschooler spoke to our director and said that her child is praying a prayer which she doesn’t know. She doesn’t attend church and can’t help her child with their prayers. Our director copied the prayers for her so she can use them with her child. Through the work of our Preschool, a child has now been a witness of the Christian faith to their mother.

Who says that preschoolers don’t know anything???