LCMS Convention hymn of thought

Here is my hymn of the day.

Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word (LSB #655)

Lord, keep us steadfast in Your Word;
Curb those who by deceit or sword
Would wrest the kingdom from Your Son
And bring to naught all He has done.

Lord Jesus Christ, Your pow’r make known,
For You are Lord of lords alone;
Defend Your holy Church that we
May sing Your praise eternally.

O Comforter of priceless worth,
Send peace and unity on earth;
Support us in our final strife
And lead us out of death to life.

LCMS Convention hymn of thought

As the 64th Regular Convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod really got underway today, I think it fitting that certain things be kept at the forefront of the minds of the delegates.  I’ll post a hymn each day or so during the Convention which I think focuses our attention on what is at the heart of the Convention – the Gospel.

Church of God, Elect and Glorious (LSB #646)

Church of God, elect and glorious,
Holy nation, chosen race;
Called as God’s own special people,
Royal priests and heirs of grace:
Know the purpose of your calling,
Show to all His mighty deeds;
Tell of love that knows no limits,
Grace that meets all human needs.

God has called you out of darkness
Into His most marv’lous light;
Brought His truth to life within you,
Turned your blindness into sight.
Let your light so shine around you
That God’s name is glorified
And all find fresh hope and purpose
In Christ Jesus crucified.

Once you were an alien people,
Strangers to God’s heart of love;
But He brought you home in mercy,
Citizens of heav’n above.
Let His love flow out to others,
Let them feel a Father’s care;
That they too may know His welcome
And His countless blessings share.

Church of God, elect and holy,
Be the people He intends;
Strong in faith and swift to answer
Each command your Master sends:
Royal priests, fulfill your calling
Through your sacrifice and prayer;
Give your lives in joyful service—
Sing His praise, His love declare.

I particularly like the words from stanza two, “Let your light so shine around/That God’s name is glorified.”  This is my fervent prayer of the Convention – that God’s name is glorified.  That means that all persons there respect one another and that all actions made by the Synod in Convention are in lines with the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions.  If said actions are made this way, then God’s name will indeed be glorified.