Hopefully just a sprain

This morning when we had company, Chewie ran out the front door. I slipped on some shoes and went chasing after him. I got to where he was, just two houses down. He stopped to use the yard and I went up after him. I tripped or something and went down, spraining my ankle. I went to the hospital’s walk-in clinic this afternoon after going to the bedside of a dying member and it is sprained. Well, that’s the best case scenario. An x-ray was done and there appears to be a small bone shard floating around the ankle. It could have been been from birth, it could be old, or it could be new. The physician’s assistant is treating it conservatively and treating it as a possible fracture. It’s in a stint and I’m on crutches for several days. She’ll call me tomorrow and let me know if it’s just a sprain or a fracture.

This is what my leg looks like for now:IMG_0143[1]