Xbox 360 #1, 06/07 – 11/07 RIP

Red Ring of DeathToday, it happened.  I came home from a long week at the church.  I turned on my Xbox 360 and started to play The Godfather.  Just a minute or so after starting the game, I had a brief red checkered pattern appear on the screen, then disappear.  Shortly after that, the game froze.  I turned off the Xbox, then turned it on again.  During the boot, it froze.  I turned it off and on again, then the Red Ring of Death appeared.  My heart sank.  I purchased this on 6/19/07.  Today is 11/9/07.  The system had not been alive 5 months yet.  The system was manufactured 2006-07-08.  It was alive for a year, but not actively used for 5 months.  I called up Microsoft/Xbox  today to begin a repair order.  They will be sending me a prepaid box in 3-5 business days to send to them for repair.  All-in-all, they say it will take 3-4 business weeks.  Let us hope that this happens quickly.