TTGNAJ Post #2: "God Loves Them More"

Rev. Todd Wilken That was the main focus by banquet speaker, Rev. Todd Wilken. He spoke about thoughts on the vocation of father and mother. Being a parent of a 16-year-old, he concluded that last summer was the “summer from hell.” After all was said and done, he gave up. He didn’t give up parenting. He didn’t give up on his children. He gave up on himself. While that sounds bad, it really wasn’t in his words. For as much as he loved his children, for as much as he cared for his children, God loves them more than he ever could. He said that if something should ever happen to him, he would hold God accountable to the promise which He made at the baptism of his children. Baptismal font

In Holy Baptism, we are not dedicated as some denominations would say. We are given to God in Holy Baptism. We are given over to God and we become God’s children, forever united with Him through water and the Word of God. From that moment, God loves us more than our parents ever could. God does for us more than our parents ever could. We say that we would do anything, give everything for our children. If pressed, we would do anything and give everything. However, what we have to do and give is not enough. It may be enough for this world, but it is not enough. There is only one thing that is good enough and that is what God did for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. It is through Christ that we have life because of His life, death, and resurrection. It is through Christ that God loves us more. God loves us more than anything in this world, and because of that love, willingly sent His one and only begotten Son into this world so that He may live a sinless life, die a death that we ourselves could not die so that you and I might live through His death. It is through Christ’s death that all sin in us dies. It is through His death that you and I are given new life, life everlasting.

crucifix Yes, parents love their children and are willing to die for them if necessary. However, the death of a parent cannot equal that which our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died. Through Christ’s death on the cross, we know that God loves us more.