Indy calling: 8th-graders will deliver city’s 2012 Super Bowl bid

That’s right folks, Indianapolis is putting itself out there for the 2012 Super Bowl. That’s old news, actually. They’ve had this in the works since they lost the bid for the 2011 Super Bowl. However, what’s new is WHO is delivering the Indy bids: 8th graders! Yep, that’s right. No stuffy men in suits, it’s 32 8th graders from 26 central Indiana schools.

Levi BeasleySo you might be asking yourself the question: why pick 8th graders? Here’s the answer.

“This is an evolution of our theme — that this really is our community’s bid,” explained Mark Miles, who is heading the bid effort. “That’s been the overall theme, and this idea seemed to fit perfectly in that context.”

Personally, I think that this is a cool idea. It really shows, as Mark Miles says, that this isn’t just the hope of a few business people hoping to make lots of money off of the Super Bowl. It shows that the entire community of Indianapolis is behind this and would love to have the opportunity to showcase what makes Indianapolis tick. Kudos to those who have been planning the 2012 Super Bowl bid, for the entire city of Indianapolis, and for those luck 32 students who get to be part of history (hopefully).
(Photo credit: Danese Kenon/The Star)