Wonderful quote

Dark My RoadWhen I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago, I had lots of time to do nothing while sitting on the plane.  I had ordered a book just prior to my leaving, but couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  Fortunately, there was an option of downloading the book in PDF form, so of course, I did.  I printed it the day I left for my vacation and read the first 70 or so pages of it (it’s only 95 pages) before I touched down in Indy.  I would have probably finished it on the flight, but I don’t think they would have liked it if I stuck around on the plane just to finish reading the last 20 pages.  🙂

What is the book you’re wondering?  What is the quote you’re wondering?  The book is entitled “I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression” by Rev. Todd Peperkorn.

The following is a quote from chapter eight of the book entitled “Forsaken.”

God’s Word does what it says.  When you can’t “inwardly digest” the Word as you wish, it still does what our Lord promises.  When confession is lost upon your lips, our Lord forgives your sins out of His mercy, for He will not let a sickness or weakness on your part deny you what you truly need, namely His healing Word of forgiveness.  And when prayers is something that you used to do, the Spirit prays with you and for you, in ways that we cannot even fathom.

I think this is just a wonderful quote all around!  It not only speaks about the sickness and disease of depression, but it speaks about the sickness and disease that we all face, that being of sin.  Because of our sin, we can’t “inwardly digest” God’s Word.  Because of sin, confession is the last thing that we want on our lips because if we confess, that means we did something wrong.  Through all of our sin, God continues to be there.  His Word continues to be there and His promise of grace through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ continues to be there.

Note: Soon I hope to have a review of this book posted.  Watch for it in the future.