Tales…from the airport, pt. 2

I thought I would update everyone on the final leg of my journey back to Gillette.

I make my way down to the Great Lakes gates and up to the ticket counter.  I’m thinking this should be a slam-dunk, seeing as how I have a ticket.  Well, not so much.  You see, my ticket was a United ticket for a Great Lakes flight.  The problem lies with the fact that now, Great Lakes has to get their money.  On the United ticket, all of the payment information is there: cost of ticket, taxes, more taxes, etc.  Here lies the problem: the computer wouldn’t accept the payment info.  For some reason, I could get checked in up until the time that you insert the payment information.  Unknown to the Great Lakes staff, the computer refused to accept the payment information.  In short, I had a ticket, was checked through to the flight, but couldn’t actually be checked in to board the plane.  Three people tried working on this and eventually, they just told me to go and that they would worry about this.  I was the last person on the plane; actually, I was holding up the plane.

I get on board the plane and listen to a couple of other people who were slated for the original flight that got canceled.  It seems that they received the run-around about rebooking their flights as well.

White CastleOnce I got home, there were a couple of items that I needed from my favorite place on earth (um, not really): Walmart.  Actually, it was mostly food, but I did manage to get something which is oh so yummy: White Castles.   Unfortunately, you can’t get the real thing here, so the microwaveable will have to suffice.  This looks like it could be a scrumptious lunch.  Too bad my wife isn’t here to enjoy them!


So now the fun really starts: At 9:32 pm last night, I get a text message saying that the 9:24 pm flight would be departing at a later time than what was originally scheduled for.  Below are the text times and the “revised” departure times.

Text Time

Departure Time

9:32 pm

9:40 pm

9:43 pm

10:10 pm

10:14 pm

10:26 pm

10:37 pm

10:45 pm

Seeing as how I never received any more texts, I can only assume that the 9:24 pm flight eventually left at 10:45 pm.  Had I stayed there, I would have spent 12+ hours from my original departure flight to my rescheduled flight.  Good times, eh?