Thoughts on the editorial, “How Many Seminaries?”

Earlier this week, I received the latest issue of Concordia Journal from Concordia Seminary.  In there is an editorial written by seminary president Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer entitled, “How Many Seminaries?”.  There is a lot of the editorial that I agree with and I encourage you to read it.  One thing I don’t necessarily agree with is the following statement:

We have to plunge our seminarians into the Bronx, into Belize, into Hong Kong, into L.A. (some of the many places where CSL students have gone) so that they are stimulated to find in lost souls, and saved souls as well, that point where the Word can engage the context in which the live.

Since I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the Bronx, Belize, Hong Kong or L.A., does that mean that my seminary education was not as edifying as it could have been?

Another quote from his editorial has me questioning something.  President Meyer says that “Personally, I don’t see how we can continue to sustain two seminary campuses in the Midwest if current demographics, membership losses, and giving patters continue….”  Which seminary would President Meyer advocate close?  I’m sure he wouldn’t advocate Concordia Seminary, so that leaves my beloved alma mater, Concordia Theological Seminary.

Any comments from my readers?