Advent is blue for a reason=Depression

I was doing some looking into the trends of churches which use blue over purple for Advent.  Several of my pastor friends have thoughts as to why it should blue over purple or purple over blue.  Then I came across this post, Advent is blue for a reason.  This pastor writes:

I would argue that Advent is blue and for a reason.  For many pastors, the season of Advent is a very depressing time. 

He later goes on saying:

Needless to say, the season of Advent, and the entire month of December, can be draining on a pastor, both physically and emotionally.  I always look forward to a vacation right after Christmas, but that may not happen for every pastor.  During December, a pastor is running at 200% and still has things on his “To-Do” list.  Through all of this, a pastor has to have a smile on his face and seem as if nothing is bothering him.

He hasn’t posted anything in a little while, but I think that this is a good post.

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One thought on “Advent is blue for a reason=Depression

  1. I laugh a lot about this s0-called controversy of whether it is better to use blue or purple for Advent. Some of the guys who really get into this “issue” almost make it mandatory that purple MUST be used.

    Does it really matter?

    What if you are tied to the belief that purple is the best for the Advent season and the church you’re called to has blue altar paraments. Will the “Purple in Advent … Or Die” pastor NOT officiate at Divine Service during Advent because their church as the “wrong color?” These guys make me giggle.

    Oh, at my church, we use blue.

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