Drive to DOXOLOGY –1, Jared – 0

Yesterday began my trek to Allenspark, CO for the first of three DOXOLOGY events.  I followed the directions that MapQuest gave me.  Unfortunately, that will be the last time I follow MapQuest as it led me about 90 minutes out of my way because it failed to tell me one all-important turn to make.

Driving around and around and around, I finally stopped in a sporting goods store to purchase a GPS because I was beyond lost and quite frankly, I’m not even sure I could have found my way back to where I just got off from.  They had one unit and was way more than what I wanted to spend.  (As a side note, I stopped in Walmart real quick Sunday morning and thought about buying a GPS “just in case”, but decided against it, thinking I would be ok.  Bad idea.)

I found a Walmart and ran in and purchased me a TomTom XL 325•SE.  It’s not the top of the line, but it got the job done.  With “Samantha’s” help (the name of the female voice), I made it to my destination at Saint Malo Catholic Retreat, Conference & Spiritual Center.  I started my trip at 9:30 am and arrived at 6:03 pm.  What should have taken me 6 hours, 3 minutes according to MapQuest, took me 8 hours, 30 minutes.

I made it just in time for dinner, rather frazzled to say the least.  I got my stuff, ate, threw my computer in my room and went out to the car to get the rest of my stuff. 

The weather here is kinda nice.  I ran out to the car this morning to get something out of it and found the car covered in snow.  Yes, COVERED in snow.  If I’m outside later, I’ll try to snap a picture of the car.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be posting a review of DOXOLOGY once I return to Gillette (or I may make some smaller post each night, don’t know).

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One thought on “Drive to DOXOLOGY –1, Jared – 0

  1. By the way, did you act very New Yorkerish when you arrived? I would have blamed the leaders for running the conference in “Where-the-heck-is-this, Colorado.” tell them they should have held it in South Park. But I do know one thing – I would have exploded when seeing the snow. Have a blessed time Doxology.

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