Communion together

Being at the pastor’s conference this week, I was able to do something as a family that normally I don’t get to do, unless I’m on vacation: we all got to commune as a family.

LSB Icon_108.jpgOn any given Sunday, I’m either the liturgist (the one who leads the Divine Service) or officiant (the one who presides over the Lord’s Supper). I rarely get the opportunity to commune with my family unless it’s vacation time. To be able to commune as a family is nice, even if it meant dealing with a crabby 2 year old who only had an hour nap and was 45 minutes past bed time. I did notice one thing though: for a 2 year old, Wesley has the desire to commune as well. He desperately wanted the host that was placed in my hand. When the chalice came by, he grabbed for the chalice and then grabbed the arm of the elder who had the individual cups. It’s good to see that Wesley desires Christ’s body and blood. Now if everyone else had that same desire, we’d be in pretty good shape!