What makes a pastor?

A good friend and brother in the ministry wrote a recent post about “undressing” in a 7-11 convenience store.  When I say “undress,” I meant he removed his plastic tab collar of his clerical shirt.  A man there was practically offended at what he had done because my friend was a “holy man of God.”  In short, “his priest would never lower himself by taking off his Godly clothes while in public.”  Here are some questions for your pondering.

  • What makes a pastor?  Is it the “Godly clothes” which anyone can buy online or is it the call by the Holy Spirit?
  • What makes me a “holy man of God?”  Is it because I’m a pastor that I can call myself a “holy man of God?”
  • Is a pastor the only “holy man of God?”  Does that mean that laity are not “holy people of God?

I don’t expect to get any answers, but that’s just my pondering right now.