All is well with my niece

BréI got the following email from my mother this morning.

Just talked to Nee and she said Bre’s temp is way down and she’s acting pretty normal. Nee’s giving her Tylenol and her Amoxycillin as well as PediaLite (which she’s sucking down like a cold beer on a hot day). They did get a little sleep last nite…not a lot but a little. Just wanted to let ya know, she’s feeling more like herself today. If I hear anything else, I’ll let ya know.

It’s good to know that all is well with my little niece.  She just celebrated her first birthday a couple of weeks ago.

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One thought on “All is well with my niece

  1. That is great news about your niece. She’s been in our prayers here at Saint Matthew’s. Even though she is wearing a pink Peyton Manning jersey, I hope she and all Colts’ fans are happy that Peyton’s younger brother won the Super Bowl yesterday when the New Jersey Giants stopped Team Perfection!

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