Reflections from Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

I know that Ash Wednesday was yesterday. Needless to say, I was a bit busy with things to get anything posted.

As we were doing the imposition of ashes before the service, it was asked to a lady who was making a mad dash into the sanctuary whether or not she wanted ashes. Her reply: “Yeah, sure, I guess, why not.” For me, I was bothered by this. What kind of reply is that? You came to church for Ash Wednesday, yet could really care less whether or not you had ashes. Do you not know why we do ashes for Ash Wednesday? Here is an excerpt from our bulletin from Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday in the life of the church is a solemn occasion when the people of God remember and contemplate the depth of humanity’s sin. On this day we wear the mark of human frailty and mortality as we are marked with the sign of the cross with ashes upon our foreheads. To dust and ashes we shall return. Just as we are mindful of our sin, this liturgy thrusts us into a vital remembrance of our Baptism, through which God has cleansed us from sin, marked us as His redeemed children, and granted us unmerited immortality.

May God grant us all His blessings during this Lententide.