For Sale: SNOW

If I could, I would sell this stuff like people in Colorado did last winter.  We have received so much snow, Christmas lights are still around our porch poles because the snow hasn’t melted to put the ladder up!

Here are some statistics from our local paper.

February snowfall to date: 4.7 inches
February snowfall average: 7.8 inches


– Snow since October: 34.2 inches
– Precipitation since October: 1.62 inches
– Snow last winter (Oct.1, 2006, to March 1): 35.1 inches
– Winter average: 63.7 inches
– Biggest snow day this winter: Dec. 1, 5 inches

So, if anyone has a lack of snow at their location and would like some, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to give you some.

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One thought on “For Sale: SNOW

  1. Uh, we here in New Jersey have received so little snow, we’re worried that we won’t see a major snow storm this winter.

    We have had flooding rains and 60 degree temperatures, but no major snow storms. Three inches here – that melts right away – followed several weeks later with another four inches – but that, too, melts right away because warm air moves in and turns the falling snow to rain and the fallen snow to slush.

    We can take a few inches from you. Just let us know how much.


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