Continued problems with my niece

BréGood evening all.  Several weeks ago, I posted about my niece who has been having some medical issues.  Things start to get better, then start getting worse.  She’s starting her 5th round of antibiotics and things still aren’t getting better.  I just received this email from my sister.


bulk update on Bre. Her ped. finally got some of the lab results and called us around 1040 last night, he told us the urine came back clean (YEAH) the white count was a little high (to be expected) but he also ran a Sed rate which is an indicator of inflammation, and while he didn’t say what the number was he seemed to be quite concerned about it. The results of the chest x ray have not come back yet but should be back first thing in the morning.  We are starting her on her 5th antibiotic in as many weeks, and some free samples of cingulair to help dry up the snottyness of her nose. If her fever persists for more than 3 days we are then looking into a bone scan or a cat scan to see what is causing the inflammation markers to be elevated. Her ped. also mentioned consulting RILEY”s infection control team to see if there are any other tests we need to consider in our quest to make her better. While most parents have the blessing of not having the knowledge of a nurse…i’m not so lucky, and am often thinking about all the what ifs which as we all know can drive a person crazy! But for some reason the thought of a certain illness has haunted my thoughts for several days now…and is even a possible cause for the sed. rate being high…I don’t want to throw it out there just yet, I want to be wrong, and just worrying too much, guess we’ll know for sure if we still have a fever by monday we will be running more tests. So just keep praying for us, and for miss bre, and pray that all my worry is for nothing, and that we will get over this as just an infection and nothing as serious as my poor haunting thoughts.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to my sister to see what she thinks it might be, but it obviously doesn’t sound like it’s good.