Pastoral Year in Review – 2015

2015 is in the books. I had some down time following Christmas and its marathon of services. Now it’s time to jump in, arms swinging, in 2016.

2015 marked another year for me at Trinity Lutheran Church in Gillette, Wyoming. That makes 10 1/2 years here. A lot has changed since I arrived, and yet it can still feel new at times.

And with that, now let’s get on to the pastoral “stats” for 2015:

Sermons: 62 (not counting Advent and Lent sermons)
Weddings: 0
Funerals: 3
Baptisms: 13
Junior Confirmation: 9
Adult Confirmation/Affirmation of Faith: 5

Also this May, I was elected to be Circuit Visitor for the Powder River Circuit of the Wyoming District.

And so, 2015 is in the books. 2016, here I come…