Indy gets the 2012 Super Bowl!

The National Football League’s 32 owners, meeting in Atlanta, voted to award the city the Feb. 5, 2012, game on their first vote. Arizona came in second.

That’s the news from Atlanta right now.  Kudos to the city and all the work on preparing a great bid for 2011.  Unfortunately, they lost then by 2 votes.  That was not the case for the 2012 bid.  If you would like to see the executive summary for the 2012 bid, click here.

Again, kudos to everyone back home.  Wish I could be there for the 2012 Super Bowl, or at least back in Indy when all the fun takes place.

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One thought on “Indy gets the 2012 Super Bowl!

  1. Way to go Colts. Became a fan when Indy moved from Baltimore. Lived in Indy for 6 years. Daughter born in Indy. Now live in Ohio, but have a small circle of fan here. Able to watch all games on directv.
    Go luck on the upcoming season. Go Colts. Offense line, Protect Peyton.

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