Thank you, spring snowstorm

Because of the latest spring snowstorm, my mother-in-law’s flight plans were greatly changed.  She was supposed to come in Friday to Gillette, but that did not happen.  She managed to get to Denver like she was supposed to.  Low-flying flights were canceled; she was stuck in Denver.  There was a possible flight to Billings, but it already left.  What was she going to do?  She had a couple of options:

  1. Find a return flight to Indy and schedule a flight at a later time
  2. Find an alternative flight to Gillette

She went with option 2.  She booked a flight to Rapid City so that meant we had to go and get here (we were originally going to go over Sunday after church and come back Monday).  We left in the afternoon and stayed the night to keep from coming back late, which would have thrown off Wesley’s bedtime routine.

All I gotta say is thank you spring storm; so much for enjoying  time in Rapid City!