Baby’s first kick

So we’re sitting here watching some TV when my wife said that Junior kicked.  She’s been feeling him on the inside for several weeks, but this is the first time that she was able to feel him on the outside with her hand.  She said that I should try to feel him kick.  I was sitting there for a second and sure enough, I felt Junior kick!  I’m a happy daddy now!

Gwen got back from Indy today and brought with her all kinds of clothes for Junior from a couple of baby showers this past week, plus a little shopping spree she did.  After seeing all the clothes and what not, I asked if she could expedite the delivery process and if Junior could come now.  I’m so anxious for his grand arrival.  I told her that I want Junior to come so I can play with him.  She told me that I couldn’t “play” with him like I want to for a couple of months.