Baptism of Wesley Michael Tucher

(I know I’m a little late on posting this, but it’s been a bit busy with family here and family leaving.  Below are some pictures following the service.)

I knew that this day would be difficult, but I managed to get through it with a minimal amount of tears.  This was truly a special day for several reasons.  The first, Wesley was brought to the waters of Holy Baptism.  Secondly, I had the privilege of performing the Baptism.

Gwen, Wesley, Jared
(Gwen, Wesley, Jared)

Shannon, Bré, Gwen, Wesley, Jared, Kim
(Aunt Shannon, Cousin Bré, Gwen, Wesley, Jared, Grandma Kim)

John, Margaret, Gwen, Wesley, Jared, Janet Ethan
(Grandpa John, Grandma Margaret, Gwen, Wesley, Jared, Aunt Janet, Cousin Ethan)

Wesley Michael – Night 2

We try to keep the little man up during the day so he will sleep at night.  Once we settle in for bedtime, he feels it necessary to feed every hour.  Needless to say, sleep is at an all-time low right now.  Gwen is exhausted and I’m not far behind.  I’ve had Wesley from about 6:15 – 8:00 this morning sitting watching TV while he was asleep so Gwen could sleep.  I don’t know why Wesley doesn’t eat every hour during the day, just only at night?  I wonder if he knows he’s keeping Mom and Dad up.

Baby update 7/29/08

We went to the doctor today, hoping that this would be the last visit.  Gwen’s blood pressure is higher than normal, though to be expected since today is her due date; why wouldn’t her BP be higher?  The doctor did examine her cervix and she is dialated to 2cm.  She said that she could go until next week, but with her higher BP, if we wanted to induce, that would be a possibility.  As of right now, we have an induction scheduled for Thursday at 5am.  Yup, that’s right, 5 am.  All that is assuming that Junior won’t decide to come earlier than Thursday morning.  Here’s hoping…

Baby’s first kick

So we’re sitting here watching some TV when my wife said that Junior kicked.  She’s been feeling him on the inside for several weeks, but this is the first time that she was able to feel him on the outside with her hand.  She said that I should try to feel him kick.  I was sitting there for a second and sure enough, I felt Junior kick!  I’m a happy daddy now!

Gwen got back from Indy today and brought with her all kinds of clothes for Junior from a couple of baby showers this past week, plus a little shopping spree she did.  After seeing all the clothes and what not, I asked if she could expedite the delivery process and if Junior could come now.  I’m so anxious for his grand arrival.  I told her that I want Junior to come so I can play with him.  She told me that I couldn’t “play” with him like I want to for a couple of months.


It’s a…

BOY!!! That’s right folks, it’s a baby boy! Gwen and I went to the doctor Tuesday for her 20-week ultrasound. The doctor did all the measurements of Baby and he is a healthy guy. Everything is developing at the pace it should be. He’s healthy, no defects she could see on the ultrasound. As she was checking everything out (brain size, heart chambers, organs, etc), she was moving down to check the spine and sure enough, he decided to let the world know what sex he is. There is no doubt in her mind that it’s a boy. Take a look at the pic and you tell me.

Baby Boy Tucher