Wesley Michael – Night 2

We try to keep the little man up during the day so he will sleep at night.  Once we settle in for bedtime, he feels it necessary to feed every hour.  Needless to say, sleep is at an all-time low right now.  Gwen is exhausted and I’m not far behind.  I’ve had Wesley from about 6:15 – 8:00 this morning sitting watching TV while he was asleep so Gwen could sleep.  I don’t know why Wesley doesn’t eat every hour during the day, just only at night?  I wonder if he knows he’s keeping Mom and Dad up.

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One thought on “Wesley Michael – Night 2

  1. Looks like you got the Sears Delux baby! What a cutie! My newborn is seven weeks tomorrow and still doesn’t sleep all the way through the night, but will give me a five hour stretch.

    Best advise I have… sleep when the baby sleeps and get a kid from the youth group to help with laundry and dishes.

    As an aside… yeah, a mom’s BP goes up the last week, but if it goes up too much, it could be the sign of some liver problems in the mom.

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