Thoughts after a week

Well, it’s been a week since Bryce came into the world – and what a week it’s been!  We came home on Monday and scheduled our two-day checkup.  We actually had to make it three days because our pediatrician wasn’t in the office on Wednesday.  Bryce weighed 6 pounds, 7.9 ounces at birth.  On Thursday, he weighed around 5 pounds, 13 ounces, losing roughly 10% of his birthweight.  On Friday, a nurse from the public health department came out just to see how mother and baby were doing.  She weighed Bryce and his weight was up a little bit.  She’s making a return visit on Monday and would like to see a weight increase of 3-4 ounces.  Hopefully we’ll see some increase.

He’s a fairly good baby.  During the day, he’s either eating or sleeping.  During the late night, he seems to want to do nothing but eat the last couple of days.  It was either Thursday or Friday night that he decided to be up just about every hour from 11:30 to 3:30 or 4:00.  Talk about a long night! 

I’ve been home since Monday trying to help when and where I can.  That means trying to keep up with all the dishes.  It’s amazing how many dishes we seem to go through in a day.  I guess I never thought of how much we go through.

Update: Wesley and Daddy have been spending a lot time together in the mornings.  He usually comes into our room between 7:00 and 7:30.  I get up with him and we go upstairs.  He watches a little bit of Mickey Mouse and then it’s time for breakfast.  I’ve been doing the morning routine so Mommy can get a little bit more sleep/feed Bryce.

Wesley has had his ups and downs since we came home.  He spent Saturday and Sunday at a friends house.  Fortunately, they have a kids a few months older than Wesley, so he’s had a playmate.  At night, it’s been a different story.  Bedtime has been rougher than usual for the last couple of weeks.  As soon as we turn off Mickey Mouse (our bedtime routine), he throws a fit.  After we read some books and say our prayers, it’s lights out, but they don’t stay out for long.  He’s been getting out of bed 3+ times a night.  After the third time, it’s time-out.  Last night was the worst night by far.  We couldn’t even read books because he was throwing a fit so bad.  After quite a while of holding and rocking him, Mommy had to come down.  I think he feels that Bryce is getting all the attention.  Wesley sees him in Mommy’s arms constantly (because she’s feeding him) and I think he sees that she’s not paying him any attention.

That’s all for now, folks.  More to come…

Communion together

Being at the pastor’s conference this week, I was able to do something as a family that normally I don’t get to do, unless I’m on vacation: we all got to commune as a family.

LSB Icon_108.jpgOn any given Sunday, I’m either the liturgist (the one who leads the Divine Service) or officiant (the one who presides over the Lord’s Supper). I rarely get the opportunity to commune with my family unless it’s vacation time. To be able to commune as a family is nice, even if it meant dealing with a crabby 2 year old who only had an hour nap and was 45 minutes past bed time. I did notice one thing though: for a 2 year old, Wesley has the desire to commune as well. He desperately wanted the host that was placed in my hand. When the chalice came by, he grabbed for the chalice and then grabbed the arm of the elder who had the individual cups. It’s good to see that Wesley desires Christ’s body and blood. Now if everyone else had that same desire, we’d be in pretty good shape!

Latest Wesley antics

Yesterday was a hot day and we had Wesley in his baby pool after I got home from work.  He played in there for quite a while, then ran around the back yard in his swim trunks without a shirt.  This isn’t unusual after he gets out of the pool.  We grilled up some hamburgers and corn on the cob (who knew that Walmart had good corn on the cob?).  Wesley was in his highchair outside eating dinner.  These are pics of how good dinner was for him.

On his face: baked beans; on his chest: Mac & Cheese

Crusty Mac & Cheese on chest


I was commenting to Gwen how sexy Wesley looked.  I asked him if he was sexy and this was the result.

Wyoming State Fair fun

Today we went to Douglas for the Wyoming State Fair.  One of the things that Wesley did when he was in Indiana was attend the Marion County Fair.  Gwen took him on the carousel and he absolutely loved it.  So while at the Wyoming State Fair, we had to find a carousel.  Here are some pics of Wesley on the carousel.

Mommy & Wesley

Mommy & Wesley on the carousel

Daddy & Wesley

Daddy & Wesley on the carousel

Sleeping Wesley

This is what happens after a day at the fair

Happy birthday Wesley

Today, my big boy turned 1.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year.  Here’s a picture from the hospital and here’s a picture from his party.

Wesley birth picture                                                                    Wesley's 1st birthdayBirthday Boy

Leaving on a jet plane

This last Friday, my wife’s grandfather passed away in Florida.  Her family left Sunday for Orlando.  I’m currently sitting at Denver International Airport awaiting my flight to Orlando to join them.  I left Gillette this morning at 6:00 and will get in to Orlando at 1:03 pm local time.  Needless to say, I will be one tired boy when I get there. This will be a quick trip for me: arrive Monday, leave Wednesday.  No time for me to stay with the family, as I need to get back to work.

While waiting, I have been able to get a start on my sermon for Sunday.  I guess that’s a plus.